So dreammmmy

This past weekend was the start of wedding season for us, and frankly it's going to be hard to beat it.  We packed our bags and brought them to work with us, so we were able to leave straight from work.  Feeling collectively worn-out and over-worked we made our way to the airport, heading out for a trip we honestly didn't ask many questions about.  We knew we were going near Savannah, but that's it!  Danny's cousin put us up in Atlanta for the night, but we arrived so late that we were all sort of dillusional.

Eventually the nagging work thoughts drifted away, and we were on vacation.  Our rental car in Atlanta was just the beginning of a really fun trip :)  Although we had to be extra careful to not speed in a "hot rod" (as my dad says) like this one. 

The drive was so pretty from Atlanta to Savannah, that we didn't mind that it took us 4 hours. 

Arriving at our destination was very interesting, because all we knew was that we were renting a house with 4 other people.  They forgot to mention that the house was in an idyllic town, on the Intercoastal waterway, within a Nature Conservancy!  a m a z i n g .

Needless to say, we had such a good time relaxing and hanging out with friends we never get to see any more.  The weather was perfect (we all got a little too much sun), and the wedding was beautiful.  We honestly could not believe it was real :)  I hope I can return to Palmetto Bluff again sometime very soon.