My First Mother's Day

Today we celebrated motherhood - something I have been dabbling in for exactly 10 months to the day!  

Sometimes being a mom is like second nature, like I was born with the instincts to know exactly what to do.  But sometimes I know that my choices, actions, and decisions are directly shaped by my own mom.  And possibly her decisions in raising my sister and I, were directly related to parenting decisions made by HER mom, and so on...  It's fun to think about how years and generations are indirectly shaping Wilder.  

I think having a small human that we are shaping everyday, makes you stop and think about these things!

The day started with a cappuccino by Danny at home.  We then enjoyed a delicious brunch at Sherwood's Post, downtown Victor.  It was incredible!  We spent the rest of the day exploring a trail near our house.  Darby Canyon - I've been wanting to check out this trail since it is so close, but it's been so snowy still!  We got about halfway to the Wind Caves, and had to turn around because there was too much snow.  I've been thinking about checking it out again this week.  

We relaxed at home for the rest of the day, went for a late afternoon walk, then ordered pizza.  What a great day - Mama's Day!  Here's to many more of those :)