We went picking!

A few weekends ago the 'rents and I packed up the BigRig and headed to Wisconsin to investigate a few Honda Passport scooters Debbie found on Craigslist.  It was just the trip I needed to get out of Chicago, and have some good old fun.  We even got to hang out with Aunt Taffy! 

Upon arriving in Madison we went directly to meet the first Craigslister. Aaaaand.... purchased.  Two complete bikes, one parts bike.  check and check.

Stop number two was heading out of Madison at someones house.  Peeking out of the back shed was a gleaming Yellow Passport!  It's just what we were looking for.  A little steep on the price, but Debs worked her magic aaaaand... purchased.  One Yellow Passport with less than 300 original miles!

Dinner was at the Tornado Club in downtown Madison.  The food was great at this"supper club" style spot, and the drinks were extra great.  Lets just say we had a good time.  :)

The next morning we unpacked our bikes that we had brought along, and went for a nice little ride through the countryside.  Our destination was to see this Lustron home that is out in the middle of nowhere!  Its an all metal prefab home built in the late 40's.  Pretty strange but interesting to see.  

So, it turns out, picking is actually pretty fun!!  Hope to do some more soon.