Last week we went to see Bowerbirds play at Lincoln Hall.  I had not listened to them much before that week leading up to the concert.  Now I can't STOP listening to them!  I always think it's really amazing when you fall in love with a song after hearing it only once or twice.  Well that is how I feel about this entire album!  

So a few days pass from the night of the concert ... and we are both COMPLETELY head over heels about this band.  One night, Danny came home from work and I was at the computer working on the newest part to my website (the music player), and we had a 2 hour conversation about how many times we were listening to the songs throughout the day, and how they have a strange ability to make you want to do more with your life.  We watched this video, and it all started to make sense.  

Mostly, I think Bowerbirds hark back to our lives in Hale County, that we both miss very very much.  I didn't realize how much I missed the direct, hands-on creative connections we had and enjoyed day to day when we lived in a simpler place.  I don't miss the living conditions... but I do miss the ability to walk down a winding driveway to pick up  the mail at 2pm every day, to bring a lunch to Danny at the Red Barn every once and a while, and to make a special trip to Newbern for a cold can of Coke from Newbern Merchantile.  Some things are just better when you have to work a little harder to get them.  

Anyways, aside from our personal reasons for loving this band and album, I think it's just good music.  Please take a listen to "The Clearing" from the shiny new music player (in the side bar -->)

I've also included the video for "Tuck the Darkness In".  It's just a good story, and it kind of reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are (which I love :)