Daytrip to Anamosa

Ana who?  Exactly my reaction.  Anamosa is a small town in Iowa that is home to something very important to my dad and a few of his friends: the National Motorcycle Museum.  As some of you may know, one of my dad's hobbies is restoring and collecting antique motorcycles.  Recently, he and his friend/business partner, Justin have formed CJ Vintage, taking one step closer to their shared goal of making this hobby into a career.  While they are staying plenty busy fixing others' motorcycles AND reproducing parts and pieces that are no longer on the market, CJ Vintage has introduced an "Investment Bike" to the to-do list.  Similar to how one might find investors to restore a car, they found 10-12 people to invest in this bike, pitching to restore and auction it off in one year.  

Anyways, the purpose of the daytrip was to take measurements and document the completed and extremely rare Thor, which is at the National Motorcycle Museum.  The group was comprised of about half of the investors, and all 10 of us piled into the Big Rig (my parents' huge RV/truck/garage vehicle).  

Our first stop on the trip was in Savannah, Illinois.  This small town seemed to be focused around the motorcycle realm with a few tiny bars showing off one person's impressive antique (and otherwise) motorcycle collection.  There were also a number of really good antique stores.  We had lunch at the Iron Horse Social Club, then it was back on the road to Anamosa!

The museum is located in a "bigbox" building, and it is FULL of really interested bikes and paraphernalia.  The bike we were after was located in the very back, and we all helped to photograph and document every INCH of the bike.  Craig was SO nervous that we were moving and touching the bike too much...he was nervous that it would fall over, or that we would get kicked out.  hilarious.

We had such a great time! I will keep you up to date on the Thor... it has quite a ways to go!