Plainfield Irish Parade

Last Sunday was the ever-growing St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Plainfield.  We were there for the whole shebang and it was so much fun! 

It really started on Saturday night by preparing the “fleet” of scooters and Honda Passports.  Early Sunday morning we were at the garage cleaning and tinkering our rides, and then delivering a couple scooters to some of those directing the parade.

Lining up at Plainfield Central High School (where I attended when it was PHS) the number of floats, trucks, businesses and bands were shocking!  While the main street in Plainfield (Lockport St) started to fill in with spectators, all I could think of was our first St. Patrick’s Day parade.  It consisted of 1 float, 3 trucks and a whole lot of bicycles.  My mom and then business partner thought it would be fun to have an Irish Parade of our own, a week before the actual day.  Somehow over the past 12 years, the parade has grown a little each year. 






A fairly new addition to the event is the afternoon Pubcrawl!  Myself and about 40 others “crawled” from one pub to the next, winding our way through downtown Plainfield.  Consisting of 6 bars, we had a great time… facilitating a raffle drawing at each stop.  Danny and Nisi quickly grew familiar with the megaphone, sometimes a little to comfortable with yelling into it.  Haha.