Weekend Trip : Dunes

We packed up and headed out with my parents' dog Rudy two  weekends ago.  Stopping first in Indiana at the dunes, and then on to the Michigan Dunes.  Danny planned the whole thing, and it was amazing.  We stayed at the Lakeside Inn right across the street from the beach, which Rudy LOVED.  Since it's the off season, we were able to let him run around free and he wore himself out.

With almost no agenda, besides roam around the area, we saw a few quaint towns and enjoyed the nice empty beaches.  Sawyer is where we stopped in for a late lunch at the Greenbush Brewery, and ended up taking a growler home with us.  I hope we go back again soon, especially to Three Oaks, which was our favorite small town. A very cute downtown with an awesome new restaurant / distillery, Journeyman Distillery.