Party Party Party Party Time!

Yes, that's 4 parties in one.  :) 

Debbie, Clayt, Danny and I threw an Engagement Party for Cerena and Greg a couple weekends ago.  The evening was progressive with 4 main events, which were all a surprise to Cerena, Greg and all of their guests.

(1)  Cocktail Hour in the Carriage House

(2)  Craft Distilled Rum and Tequilla Tasting

(3)  Dinner and Dancing in the Motorcycle Garage

(4)  Chocolate Cake and Fondue in my parents' Wine Cellar

Yes, it was an ambitious line-up, and it went very smoothly!!  Serving 35 people a sit down meal is always difficult, especially in a garage.... but it was still so much fun!  I wish we could do it all again next weekend :)

THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped not only with the party set up, but also during the party to make sure everything ran smoothly:)  Couldn't have done it without you.