Elimination Diet

After hearing about this diet on a couple health podcasts, Danny and I have decided to try the elimination diet, to determine and pinpoint any lingering food allergies/intolerances.  The research began when I started looking into diy remedies for Sleep Apnea - Danny was diagnosed a few months ago, but we are both resisting the typical treatment, a cpap machine.  

Anyway, this diet basically resets your gut to a clean state, so you can slowly reintroduce different food types to determine any difficulties.  From what I understand, if we do in fact find a trouble food we should remove it from our diets for 6 months before trying it again.  At that point, your body may be able to handle it much better than before.   

There are plenty of guides out there, and I'm working mostly from this book: The Elimination Diet

Phase 1: Detox - We will cleanse our system and jumpstart the diet by eating a drinking a liquid diet for the first two days.  I have listed our menus below.

Phase 2:  Elimination - for the next 12 days, we will eat and drink WHOLE foods (basically non-processed) that fall into the criteria of gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and not one of the common triggers for allergies - eggs, yeast, corn, sugar, citrus, coffee, chocolate, beef, pork, tree nuts, peanuts

Phase 3: Reintroduction - Every 3 days we will introduce a new "trigger" food to see if it creates a reaction such as - fatigue, upset stomach, headache, foggy headed, joint pain, muscle tension, racing thoughts.

We both hope to feel more energized throughout the day, for my pesky eczema to finally clear up, and for Danny to get restful sleep every night.  These may be lofty goals, but they make the extra effort worth it!